Katie  Burgener, MD

Katie Burgener, MD


Medical School: St. Louis University
Residency: University of Louisville School of Medicine, Kentucky
Expected Fellowship Grad Year: 2023

While Katie Burgener enjoys all aspects of diabetes and endocrinology, she has a special interest in transgender care and medical/patient education. There were many aspects of the pediatric endocrine program here that drew her in. She felt very welcomed on her interview day by the attendings, fellows, even down to the security guard at the front entrance. She could quickly deduce that she would be well supported in her fellowship training! While Washington University is well known for their research interests, Burgener also found the variety of patient experiences, both the common and the rare cases, a wonderful plus, especially considering her interests lie predominantly in clinical work and education. As for research, her project involves mental health outcomes in pediatric Transgender Center patients. Having lived here prior to moving away for residency, Burgener knew already the wonderful opportunities present outside the hospital, including the diverse restaurant and brewery scene, the magnificent Forest Park (which is beautiful itself, but also has a zoo, science center, art museum, history museum and one of the largest outdoor municipal theaters in the country, all of which have free general admission!), and some awesome baseball and hockey teams. Looking back, she would still choose SLCH/WashU over again for fellowship.

Samuel  Cortez Granados, MD

Samuel Cortez Granados, MD


Medical School: Universidad Evangelica de El Salvador Facultad de Medicina
Residency: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Expected Fellowship Grad Year: 2023

Samuel Cortez Granados' overall career goal is to further develop a combine expertise as a clinician and as a researcher in the field of gender-affirming medical care for youth and young adults, with an active patient-oriented research program that provides new knowledge on health outcomes related to gender-affirming hormone therapy. He found the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at Washington University to provide the perfect environment to help him achieve his goals. Its assistance facilitated the process for him to conduct a pilot, randomized clinical trial looking at the effectiveness and safety of the most common 17 beta estradiol presentations over the next two years.