Neil  H.  White, MD

Neil H. White, MD

Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Diabetes
Director, Pediatric Diabetes Program

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Neil H. White, MD, has focused his research interests on diabetes mellitus over a span of 40. This includes clinical and translational research related to diabetes mellitus, both type 1 and type 2, in children and adolescents. Much of his research has been through active participation in multicenter NIH-supported clinical trials including DCCT/EDIC, DPP/DPPOS, TODAY, DirecNet, TRIGR and TrialNet. He has national leadership roles in DirecNet and TODAY. He has had an ongoing interest in: 1) methods of intensive therapy in type 1 diabetes; 2) the risks associated with hypoglycemia in diabetic subjects, including effects on brain structure and function; 3) studies of diabetes prevention; and 4) psychosocial interventions in teenagers with diabetes. With Kyle McNerney, MD, he is involved in the PROTECT trial which is a phase 3 clinical trial using an immune modulatory drug on recent onset type 1 diabetes to preserve beta cell function and prevent the progression of the disease.